Wellness 101 – Realising business benefit from the wellness ‘boom’ – 5 July 2019

Wellness 101 – Realising business benefit from the wellness 'boom'

This one day, small group workshop at Como Metropolitan Hotel in London is your opportunity to get ahead of your competition and take advantage of a high value proposition.

We see a gap between the reality of wellness demand and knowing where to even begin to make it a relevant and financially worthwhile part of your business. If this sounds familiar then the ‘Wellness 101’ workshop is for you.

Can you relate to the difference between wellness and wellbeing? Do you know why wellness has become so prolific? Can you identify the biggest wellbeing influencers? Do you know how to harness the trends to business advantage? Could you describe how and why wellness in the workplace matters?

There is a tsunami of news and announcements that illustrate a rapid growth industry that is still finding its feet in practical and relevant inclusion for the hospitality, travel, workplace and lifestyle business sectors. This isn’t only about how wellness is sold but also, how it is integrated to financial advantage; in marketing, bookings, sales and productivity

Workshop Deliverables

Workshop deliverables;

1. Establish the definition of wellbeing relative to you, your lifestyle and your business/workplace and why it is becoming such a core theme.

2. Identify the ‘big four’ positive wellbeing influencers: how they’re relevant to the workplace, customer experience and ‘at home’ wellbeing

3. Establish familiarity with wellbeing facts and evidence that will change your approach to how you live, work, manage and play.

4. Establish how and why the cosmopolitan workforce is changing and what that means for business and the workplace.

5. Discuss and create ‘take-away’ wellbeing formulas for implementation in your work-place, business proposition and lifestyle.

6. Establish why wellness practice and individual wellbeing focus will increase in value during the years to come.

These deliverables will be tailored to the delegate roles and specific objectives.

How we do it;
We run the workshop experience a little differently by focusing on personalisation as well as utilising the group learning dynamic.
Included in the £350 rate is;

  • A fifteen minute pre workshop call to identify objectives and personal goals
  • A four week complimentary Well Intelligence Weekly subscription (if you’re already a subscriber you receive a 50% discount)
  • A thirty minute consultancy follow up call for questions, guidance and advice

We keep the groups small and establish ahead of the workshop, the specific objectives each delegate has so we can ensure that each attendee leaves the programme with a practical roadmap of at least three applicable actions to drive progress and business results.
Group discounts are available if you would like to bring several employees from your organisation.

Contact info@wellintelligence.com to discuss your team needs and numbers for this workshop.

Bespoke workshops for your organisation are also available upon request.

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