“ the single biggest threat to our own wellbeing tends to be ourselves” Tom Rath

We create bespoke and ‘ready-made’ sessions for organisations who want to inspire and guide their teams to optimise their own wellbeing and for leaders seeking to transform culture for the good of their people, their company and society at large.

Our tasters, masterclasses and workshops are all created from identified need within the workplace alongside progressive shift in ethos and leadership within organisations. There is growing pursuit of cultural shift: through newly defined and repositioned manifesto, changes to policy and implementation of sustainable formulas.

Practical output sessions that build on our insights and research to offer ‘on the job’ solution.

Our spectrum of sessions complete the Wellness Intelligence platform of services by providing a forum for personal development, learning, discussion and practical application of insight.  Workshop deliverables are designed to support strategy, systems and concept modelling dependent on the workshop type that will also resonate on a very personal level

  • Fast-track human wellbeing basics
  • Sleep- why everyone needs it
  • Mental health
  • Food as medicine
  • Spiritual health
  • Support Therapy
  • Turbo charged wellness
  • Conscious business practice
  • Social networks
  • Wellbeing influence funnel

Workshop Deliverables

Taster, Masterclass and Workshop titles include;

  • FAST-TRACK HUMAN WELLBEING BASICS – developing a personal solution formula that will improve feelings, function, productivity  and happiness.
  • SLEEP – WHY EVERYONE NEEDS IT – improving sleep quality and reaping the benefits. The evidence surrounding good sleep means its value can no longer be ignored – create your go-to sleep formula.
  • MENTAL HEALTH – how to improve and maintain good mental and emotional health, avoid burn out and support your own personal resilience
  • FOOD AS MEDICINE – nutrition plays a vital role in pro-active health, illness prevention and protective medicine. What we eat, when and how much, matter. Tighten your grip on simple, wholesome eating.
  • SPIRITUAL HEALTH – for improved mental and emotional wellbeing. Learn how spiritual health can improve  overall holistic health, resilience  and a raised consciousness.
  • SUPPORT THERAPY – where to start? Establish insight and understand the efficacy behind different therapies – avoid confusion and focus in on what you need.
  • TURBO CHARGED WELLNESS – maybe you’re all good on the basics and what you need is to be guided to the next level – learn what optimal wellness practice can look like.
  • CONSCIOUS BUSINESS PRACTICE – end to end wellbeing practice in business, what does this mean and how do businesses transition toward this culture?
  • SOCIAL NETWORKS – loneliness is a growing theme across society. How to mitigate and support against this increasing social culture within the workplace and beyond.
  • WELLBEING INFLUENCE FUNNEL – understand the full scope of wellbeing influence, from macro to grass-roots: expected and related legislation that is bound to be passed over the coming months and years.

How we do it;
We run the workshop experience a little differently by focusing on personalisation as well as utilising the group learning dynamic.
Included in the £350 rate is;

  • A fifteen minute pre workshop call to identify objectives and personal goals
  • A four week complimentary Well Intelligence Weekly subscription (if you’re already a subscriber you receive a 50% discount)
  • A thirty minute consultancy follow up call for questions, guidance and advice

We keep the groups small and establish ahead of the workshop, the specific objectives each delegate has so we can ensure that each attendee leaves the programme with a practical roadmap of at least three applicable actions to drive progress and business results.
Group discounts are available if you would like to bring several employees from your organisation.

Contact info@wellintelligence.com to discuss your team needs and numbers for this workshop.

Bespoke workshops for your organisation are also available upon request.

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