Hotel, Spa, Lifestyle, Hotel Inclusive – Business optimisation through process, systems, culture and management – 7 June 2019

Hotel, Spa, Lifestyle, Hotel Inclusive – Business optimisation through process, systems, culture and management.

This workshop focuses on the most valuable opportunities at the cross section of wellness, hotel and spa business; they anchor to people, experience, market appeal, value and profit.

We combine the insights, analysis and data from Well Intelligence with the practical experience, concept development and operational knowledge of Well Business Solutions to create a programme that is heaving with examples of success formula, practical tools and roadmap solutions to make sure your business is responding to demand and optimised.

The spa and leisure elements are no longer seen as silo wellness amenities. They are a compelling source of influence to attract guests and clients whether you’re positioned as a wellness property or not. Why? Because quality of sleep matters. Food and nutrition matter. Being in nature matters. None of these are anecdotal whims of fancy – the science is irrefutable and this, combined with the right culture, processes, systems and management will optimise not only the leisure facilities but also contribute more strongly to the financial success and reputation of the whole property.

Workshop Deliverables

Workshop deliverables;

1. Determine the influencing factors that are driving wellbeing focus and wider business inclusion and why relevant to your business.

2. Establish how and why wellness is moving beyond the bricks and mortar of leisure facilities, what the advantages are and how you gain advantage.

3. Establish the framework for operational success for wellness and lifestyle service provision.

4. Identify and create a progressive roadmap to grow and add value to your business.

5. Establish the best formula for optimising utilisation of rooms, practitioners and space available.

6. Formulate your own tailored strategy for optimised business growth (linked to initial workshop objectives)

These deliverables will be tailored to the delegate roles and specific objectives.

How we do it;
We run the workshop experience a little differently by focusing on personalisation as well as utilising the group learning dynamic.
Included in the £350 rate is;

  • A fifteen minute pre workshop call to identify objectives and personal goals
  • A four week complimentary Well Intelligence Weekly subscription (if you’re already a subscriber you receive a 50% discount)
  • A thirty minute consultancy follow up call for questions, guidance and advice

We keep the groups small and establish ahead of the workshop, the specific objectives each delegate has so we can ensure that each attendee leaves the programme with a practical roadmap of at least three applicable actions to drive progress and business results.
Group discounts are available if you would like to bring several employees from your organisation.

Contact to discuss your team needs and numbers for this workshop.

Bespoke workshops for your organisation are also available upon request.

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