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Introducing Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment - reach your health and performance potential

Why we value Firstbeat as a partner:

Firstbeat is a science based product that provides medical grade data on your physiological health. Twenty years ago, the company successfully modelled human physiology using heart rate variability (HRV) data and mathematics and they have grown steadily ever since. It isn’t well known but it is Firstbeat’s advanced performance analytics that is integrated in to over 100 other wearables to provide meaningful insights for fitness and lifestyle, such as Garmin, Sony, Samsung and BOSCH. More than 23,000 professional athletes and 1,000 teams worldwide have used Firstbeat solutions to improve performance. From a corporate perspective Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment has been delivered to 300,000 employees for lifestyle health screening and resilience coaching.

There are three core components to the purpose of the Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment;

  1. Manage Stress – recognising activities that cause stress
  2. Enhance Recovery – see how you recover during day and night-time and optimise
  3. Exercise Right – Understand the effects of physical activity

What is Firstbeat?

Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment is a unique HRV (heart rate variability) device that offers individual data about stress, recovery, fitness and exercise for improved wellbeing and better work performance. It provides a  personal, stress-recovery profile of everyday life with professional coaching feedback. It is the only professional grade stress and recovery monitoring tool for health and wellness checks. Using exclusive, heart rate-based analytics, First Beat Lifestyle Assessment reveals a personalised story of your physiological resources –it will open your eyes to ways of improving fitness, health and wellbeing, and making better lifestyle choices.

This is a personal service provided by Well Intelligence that supports both corporate groups and individuals to reach their health and performance potential with science backed confidence. We integrate this tool within Walk the Talk, Masterclass and Corporate Core services to provide a more rounded, holistic experience that integrates perfectly with the growing wellbeing culture within business.

Lifestyle Assessment is a formidable tool for increased performance and benefit, each client receives;

  • A 3-day HRV measurement and personal report
  • A personal measurement and feedback discussion that motivates change
  • Robust tools, guidance and coaching to enhance their wellbeing and recovery
  •  Data that makes stress and wellbeing more visible and manageable
  • Individually crafted wellbeing goals agreed and activated

What Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment provides to companies and organisations;

  • A group report that will demonstrate the wellbeing of your team along with improvement opportunities
  • A company level summary report that contains 1) key results and conclusions 2) recommendations on where to invest on a company level 3) ability to take positive action on 'at risk' groups
  • An engaging way of nurturing, supporting and optimising employee wellbeing
  • Proven results of increased work efficiency, decreased stress and sickness absence.
  • The science based data will support future investment in personal and employee wellbeing

Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment Sample Reports

First Beat Lifestyle Assessment
First Beat Lifestyle Assessment
Lifestyle Assessment Report First Beat
discussion-chatting (1)

Booking Process 

Book below or contact us for more information.


Investment for Individuals

£350 + VAT
Corporate fees depend on number of employees


Lifestyle Assessment and Coaching

1. Device wearing, monitoring, data gathering
2. Personal assessment report
3. 60 minutes of coaching
4. Goal setting and follow up

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