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Get into professional and personal step with Walk The Talk

Walk the Talk is rooted in the transformation of business culture and personal lifestyle choices.  It recognises and responds to the reality that the more invested and conscious we are in our own wellbeing, the greater our understanding, connection to and motivation in creating an inclusive wellbeing culture that embodies ALL aspects of how we live our lives. This is an opportunity to combine knowledge, insight, vision and expertise with exercise, fresh air, personal wellbeing assessment and goal setting . It may sound overly simple to say, “lets go for a walk and talk about it” but walking, in the beauty of nature particularly, has myriad benefits.

"For the most compelling scientific facts all in one place; read this book, 10 Good Reasons to Go For a Walk, which is eagerly endorsed by some of the world’s renowned influencers. Thank you to Thierry and Mary Anne Malleret, the writers and visionaries behind this insightful, compelling and inspiring book."       Anni Hood, Founder

There are countless reasons why going for a walk is good for you. For now, here are a few excellent benefits;

Physical benefits – walking at least 3 hrs per week lowers the risk of having a heart attack or a stroke by 35% and 34% respectively (Harvard Medical School)

Mental benefits – walking 5 hrs a week is an antidote to cognitive decline such as dementia or Alzheimers

Mindfulness – walking , particularly in nature (and preferably without a device!) aids the ability to be more present within oneself, to be more in touch with how we feel and to naturally recalibrate to nature’s frequency

Decision making – giving ourselves space is gold for creativity, clarity and finding solution – nature’s miracle!

Digital detox  - escaping the constant demand that social media messages and emails bring, in exchange for nature may take some discipline but it will free up your time to re-connect – not only with nature but also, with yourself.

What is Walk The Talk?

Walk the Talk is a formula of consultancy, exercise, nature, lifestyle assessment and coaching, all anchored under your north star of whole and professional wellbeing.

Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment and coaching – real time data that unequivocally reveals how your body is coping and responding to lifestyle stressors and periods of recovery.

Walking, Listening, Talking, Clarity – in nature and in motion. Allowing the outdoor environment to effortlessly recalibrate your mind and body.

Professional consultancy – in combination with walking; conversation and discussion on a pre-arranged business aspect you need insight and intelligence on.

Three core components of  Walk The Talk 


Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment and personal coaching


Three hours of walking, talking, listening and gaining clarity


Professional consultancy on wellbeing insight, joined up intelligence, problem solving

Is Walk The Talk for You?

Who Walk the Talk is designed for:

You’re a key decision maker, a leader or a C-suite executive. You recognise the value of wellbeing culture; not only in your business but also within your own lifestyle choices. You know that making better choices for yourself will simultaneously support a more conscious, sustainable and human centric culture within your business and workplace.

Why would you book Walk the Talk?

  1. You know there needs to be a culture shift towards improved wellbeing in your company but you’re unsure how best to start.
  2. You know that culture shift begins with you and you want unambiguous, scientific insight on your own lifestyle choice and state of wellbeing.
  3. There is no better model or system of analysis than this one.
  4. You need ideas and new approaches to deliver your services or products to an increasingly more conscious consumer.
  5. You want to more neatly gather  interdependent issues and synergise solutions.
  6. You like the idea of working, walking, talking and learning, all while enjoying nature as you do so!

What will Walk The Talk do for You?

How it happens:

  1. You book your Walk the Talk experience
  2. Anni will contact you personally, to welcome you, to talk through the experience and to arrange a date, time and location for pre-consultation, coaching and walk.
  3. You will receive notification that the Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment device is enroute to you.
  4. You will receive the device, follow instructions and wear it for 3 days and nights
  5. You will return the device via instructions provided
  6. Well Intelligence will send you your Lifestyle assessment report and the 121 in person experience will begin from there!


What you get:

On the day of your walk:

Fresh air, exercise, improved clarity and a far superior environment to being in your work or home office!

  1. Three hours of professional consultation, tailored in a manner of your choosing
  2. One hour of personal coaching
  3. Defined personal wellbeing goals and a professional solution outline
  4. A vastly improved grasp of your autonomic nervous system and physiology
  5. Macro insights, trends and  examples of the shift in wellbeing influence through society, business and governance.

Pre and post session:

  1. A pre-walk ‘setting the stage’ zoom call that outlines the professional aspect you want to discuss, to e-meet and connect
  2. Activating receipt of the Firstbeat device
  3. Follow up document
  4. Personal goal setting confirmation
  5. Arrangement of further coaching or support as required

Lifestyle Assessment - your scientific route to health and performance potential

The Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment is a personalised scientific measurement based on Heart Rate Variability (HRV) that provides clinically accurate insight on stress, recovery and fitness. In the Well Intelligence spirit we are weaving personal insight and coaching through our product portfolio so that business intelligence aligning with personal growth and awareness is brought to life in meaningful and measurable ways.

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Booking Process 

Book Online Below or Contact Us for more information.



£1500 + VAT


Duration & value

  1. 30 min pre-consultation
  2. 3 hr walking session
  3. Follow-up professional document
  4. Follow-up personal goals document
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