Week 6 – The future of tech


“The future of wellbeing will be driven by tech but defined by humanity” Anni Hood

Making the reality fit

Enduring progress has scalable technology at its core  – to ignore that is to go backwards in global evolution BUT – what is still elusive and urgently required, is a responsive balance between tech efficiencies and desperately sought human connection and contact.

What is your vision of how you see tech shaping the future of your work and personal life?



It is entirely likely that the infrastructures will remain post-pandemic. In a perfect world, the insights would be surrendered back into the private lives of citizens. Never before have governments been able to collect personal data en masse at such break-neck speed


1) Personalising health interventions

2) Granularity relative to patterns of behaviour

What matters now, as we look forward

Revolutionising life… the melting pot

  1. Technology embrace that enhances efficiency and demand at the same time as upping the quality of a ‘human’ environment

Multi-layering – tech, human, nature, policies

  1. Collaborations are key to crafting the right product. Don’t try and reinvent the wheel.
  2. No one size fits all, nor is there a silver bullet to technology infrastructure and/or products

Within and without

  1. Parallel strategies are emerging – one part, within brick and mortar of a hotel or club, the other, continuous engagement from work, home and general living



Insights and Takeaways

Tech surge and macro trends

Quantum computing;

The processing of information in multiple states with different probabilities, an agile phenomena that can cope and allow for varying probabilities in the input data – the same attributes as quantum leadership – managing and/or computing from a future of unknowns

In Context

“In 2019, Google said that it ran a calculation on a quantum computer in just a few minutes that would take a classical computer 10,000 years to complete. A little over a year later, a team based in China took this a step further, claiming that it had performed a calculation in 200 seconds that would take an ordinary computer 2.5B years — 100 trillion times faster.” CB insights

Take-aways – deep tech

1) Future governance of tech

2) Re-shaping global economy and levelling up historic inequities


Take – aways – 5G

1) 5G control is a political power struggle

2) Domination of the 5G revolution is still very unclear

3) Concern remains in many circles over the human wellbeing impact of 5G


Take-aways  – Infodemic

1) Mis-information clamp down is another way of curbing free press

2) 17 countries have passed ‘fake news’ regulations  – no leading economies


Take- aways – contact tracing

A progressive  and uneasy precedent;

1) India – 50 million users within 2 weeks

2) willingness to share personalisation over privacy, pushed by ‘for the greater good of all’

3) Different countries, different approaches

Human response;

…what is still elusive and urgently required, is a responsive balance between tech efficiencies and desperately sought human connection and contact.



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