Trends in Reverse

Rosie Spinks, It’s getting harder to see where the hotel industry ends and Airbnb begins, Quartz, April 26, 2018

Morphing to Mega

Meanwhile, both Accor Hotels—which owns Airbnb’s luxury competitor OneFineStay—and Hyatt have also made moves in the private accommodation market previously. And recently announced that it had 5 million “alternative accommodation” listings on its platform—a number which currently outnumbers Airbnb’s amount of apartments and homes available for rent.

All of which is to say: If you can book hotel rooms on Airbnb and book a home share via or a major hotel brand, is the accommodation industry just turning into one big mega-offering? At Skift Forum Europe in Berlin on Thursday, Skift’s hospitality editor Deanna Ting asked Airbnb’s managing director for Europe, Middle East, and Africa for his view on these new entrants into the private accommodation space.


Through the WI Lens

In the Travel & Tourism industry, everybody knows that Airbnb has become a dominant industry player, encroaching on hotels’ business. Fewer understand that the same phenomenon is happening, but in reverse, with some major hotel groups. Today, Marriott and Accor are encroaching on the business that traditionally belongs to Airbnb by entering the home share market, thus becoming competitors of the platform in the private accommodation space. As product offerings tend to evolve towards a form that is less and less differentiated, the competition between hotel chains and digital platforms like Airbnb and will increase. The traditional large hotel companies that don’t pick up on the trend will progressively fade into extinction.

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