Take A Break

Marcela Sapone, Taking a break is part of your job, Quartzy, May 16, 2018

Downtime is Worktime

I believe so strongly in the power and effectiveness of rest, that as CEO of a tech startup, I’ve encouraged my employees to go as far as scheduling a weekly break. I want to pay them to not work, because I know that even when they step away from their work stations, they will still be thinking, and it’s in these periods of less focused thought that the best ideas often emerge. It’s like high-intensity interval training for the workplace—periods of intense work followed by rest are more efficient and ultimately more productive.




Through the WI Lens

Maybe the wellness industry could set an example by walking the talk? We are always shocked, but not that surprised, to see wellness executives, even in the hospitality and wellbeing industry, suffering from burnout. Although we only rely on anecdotal evidence, we believe it is more widespread than most people think.

Common sense dictates that social norms regarding the amount of hours we work (“the more the better”) should change. As this article explains, there is ample academic research to support the notion that recovery time is critically important. Yet, corporate work cultures around the world (including the wellness industry) continue to celebrate unrelenting effort with diminishing returns. Instead, as suggested in the article, we should think of non-work time as not only something that makes us better at our jobs—but as part of our jobs.

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