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Sitting down for too long may be causing 70,000 UK deaths a year – The Guardian, 26 March 2019, Nicola Davis

The Death Sit

“Sitting or lying down for long periods during the day is not only bad for your health it could be the cause of almost 70,000 deaths and cost the NHS at least £700m a year, new research has revealed.
Scientists have previously flagged that sedentary behaviour increases the risk of a number of diseases as well as a premature death.
Now experts have looked into the financial burden of sedentary behaviour in the UK, revealing that sitting or lying down for at least six hours a day is behind £424m of spending on cardiovascular disease, £281m on type-2 diabetes and £30m on colon cancer alone.”

Through the WI Lens

It’s long been recognised that sedentary lifestyles are generally unhealthy. What the study featured in this article does is to put some numbers on the issue. It describes how a team at Queen’s University Belfast pulled together NHS spending data on a range of diseases – including type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and endometrial, colon and lung cancers – and combined this with evidence from previous studies on the propensity for sedentary lifestyles to lead to each of these conditions. After crunching the numbers, it came out with costs, and human costs, attached to sitting in the same place for too long. The good news is that getting up and moving around is good for you; less welcome is that you need to spend a considerable proportion of your time mobile to make a significant difference. As this health risk is increasingly recognised we are going to see a growing market for products that encourage people to spend less time inert in their workplace. That could be apps that make you get up and exercise; it could be ergonomic workstations that allow you to walk and work in sync. Staying still will no longer be an option.

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Sitting down for too long may be causing 70,000 UK deaths a year – The Guardian, 26 March 2019, Nicola Davis

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