The Last Resort?

Katherine Rosman, The Last Resort? Canyon Ranch Succumbs to Botox, The New York Times, December 2, 2017

Succumbing to botox

Alcohol has never been served at Canyon Ranch because it is considered a distraction from the work of restoring and rejuvenating.

But you can now get your face shot full of Botox here.

Nearly 40 years after it first opened, Canyon Ranch is having some serious work done. It has been sold by its founders, Mel and Enid Zuckerman, to a real-estate investment company owned by a Texas billionaire, John Goff, and is no longer being run by the team overseen by Mr. Zuckerman, long a familiar presence on the original Canyon Ranch property in Tucson.

Through the WI Lens

This quick read article is not analytical but descriptive: it tells the tale of how Canyon Ranch’s CEO – Susan Docherty, who’s been on the job since 2015 – is trying to transform a family run, destination health spa brand into a luxury hospitality business centered on wellness. It begs the following two questions: (1) what really is wellness? (How do we define it? Where does Botox fit in?); (2) how can a wellness brand front runner transition toward relevance for a broader demographic whilst retaining such a loyal following?

These are two very open-ended questions, but the response given to each will shape the wellness industry for years to come. Prior to running Canyon Ranch, Susan Docherty was a business executive at General Motors, involved in or running the Escalade and Hummer brands. If she succeeds commercially while preserving the wellness culture of the organisation, she will have proven that the wellness industry can indeed be commoditised.

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