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Free for all!  This includes our Pick of the Week – a selected article that resonates with a whole range of triggers we love, from dynamic innovation and cutting edge research to emerging trends - we’ve decided NOT to keep our Well Intelligence Weekly insights edition behind a paywall but share and accelerate the knowledge advantage to all!

Who is this designed for?

Managers and directors seeking insight into what wellbeing means for business - brand managers, sales managers, marketers, commercial directors, HR managers, strategists and policy makers.

Why do I need it?

Increased expectation at all levels of business and society mean the presence of wellbeing culture and services is becoming less of an option and more of a given. Growing evidence suggests that it won’t be long before wellbeing related legislation for business and society is a whole lot more prominent.

Accelerated insight to the most significant issues, emerging trends, legislation, policy and conversations to watch. With the growing priority and value of wellbeing in business, you need an inside track – this is it!

How we do it:

Our team of researchers and news hounds spend their time tracking and mapping the shifts, trends, innovations and habits across the globe to make sure we bring you the most pertinent grab on what is shaping, inspiring and leading the wellbeing  (r)evolution!



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Our curated weekly healthy dose of wellbeing delivered to your inbox. Topical and professionally written by our editorial team who have years of experience of the key issues in this fast changing world.

Well Intelligence Weekly

You get three weekly insights that we draw from the key global influence sectors; economic, technology, environment, geopolitical and society. We consider the sway and impact of these sectors and how the ripples lap into effect for how we model business, how we live, work and party.

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