Annual Well Intelligence Research

Getting a grip on the global, regional and local wellbeing market can be more than a challenge. It’s a sector like no other: fast-developing, complex, wide-ranging, and at the same time so specialised that it can be difficult to know where to start. For anyone intent on creating their own business proposition in the wellness space, getting access to the best market intelligence is vital.

The Annual Well Intelligence Research  is designed for marketing professionals who want to create a wellness strategy for their brand, commercial directors developing products in the sector, HR managers who need to understand how wellness is impacting the field of employment, and anyone who is serious about understanding what is driving the market today.

By investing you will ensure you are focusing in the right areas, targeting the most appropriate audiences and developing the most resonant products and services that will lead to engagement in this hungry sector.

The inaugural report will publish in October 2019 and early bird rates will be announced in July 2019


Why Well Intelligence Research? 


We provide the granular business detail you need 


Case studies and comparable models


Timed to coincide with the strategic planning cycle


Articulated to provide practical and applicable solution


Up-to-date, analysed and interpreted  data



Easy to navigate with business specific prompts and highlights


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