Finding Plan Be... by Anni Hood, Founder

The Beginning

I needed a Plan B; that’s how sailing my own boat began.   It was 2008 and the business world was going to hell in a hand basket. I was in Dubai and boom was quickly starting to turn to bust. I left Middle Eastern shores for a Christmas break and knew I’d better come back with a plan in my back pocket in case I wasn’t one of the lucky ones.  I left in 2009 and made my way back to the UK via France. That feels like a lifetime ago.

From well before my time working in the Middle East, a passion for health and wellbeing was deeply rooted within me.  It bothered me back then, that the best in health and wellness was reserved for the bigger wallets amongst us. When affordability denies the purchase of a designer item it’s one thing but when the gap relates to quality of life, to happiness, to physical, mental and emotional health, it’s a lot more emotive, divisive and sometimes critical.

So I set out, in earnest, in 2010. No-one mentions how tough the entrepreneurial game can be; it's a bit of a street fight, an expedition through all weathers until you finally get there, except you never do. What I sought to do then and still seek today, is to close the gap. It is my mission to inspire and reveal the potency of connected, heightened states of wellbeing to more people and to see a shift in culture that embraces humanity and the planet. Well Intelligence represents my lifetime's work thus far, it's worth the street fight -maybe you'll join our gang?


Anni Hood

Co-founder & CEO

Anni is the founder of her own international wellness business advisory firm and the visionary behind K.I.S Lifestyle – an online wellness community group spearheading equality of access to personalised health and wellbeing. She previously created the Talise Wellness brand for the Jumeirah Group and was the founding Chair of the Wellness Tourism Initiative for the Global Wellness Institut. Anni is a qualified health and wellbeing coach and a sought after international speaker, she champions health and wellbeing culture as a unifying anchor across business, society, community and governance. 

Our Team


Alex Garrett

Contributing Researcher, Writer & Editor

Alexander Garrett is a writer and editor based near Bath in the UK who’s worked for many magazine publications over the years including BA’s Business Life, Management Today, Grand Designs, Coast and Conde Nast Traveller.

Alex did a seven year stint with The Observer, and has also edited publications for several corporate clients including WPP, Diageo and Kingfisher. He is well-versed in most business topics, especially marketing.

Alex collaborates with Well Intelligence on a regular basis and conducts research, writes and edits for our community hub. 


Ahad Surooprajally

Video Editor

Ahad has 20+ years experience in broadcast and PR sector. Currently directing and producing digital media for the corporate sector.  Ahad is an expert creator of content for web and broadcast. 

Ahad  works with Well Intelligence on client video content, on event broadcasts and on our Well Intelligence video series. 


Tash Dillon

Social Media Manager 

Tash has 5+ years experience in social media management for a varied range of clients including charities, chefs and personal trainers.
Tash works closely with Anni to promote and raise awareness of everything Well Intelligence has to offer. Follow Well Intelligence on Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram to keep up with all the exciting news and content. 
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