Masterclass in Wellbeing for Business Leaders

Your strategic roadmap

Give yourself and your company the edge on the perpetual shift already in play that is wellbeing culture in business; from employees to supply chain, business practice to brand value.  This is a six-week workshop series offering real time insight, intelligence, case studies, joined up knowledge and topical discussion that will equip participants to recalibrate and potentially transform their contribution to the world: through their work, leadership, community, and most valuable of all, through their own personal consciousness.

The Context

Wellbeing is no longer a trend, it is a deepening culture that is being increasingly interwoven through business, government, society and lifestyle. Wellbeing as a priority (along with big tech, policymaker attention and concern for the planet) has become a pandemic winner. That doesn’t just mean higher sales in personal wellbeing-related products, it means a deeper more meaningful integration of human and planetary health into myriad aspects of daily work, life and play. This (r)evolution relates to the fundamentals of how we do things – in systems, structure and processes, how problems are diminished, effective solutions delivered and responsive ethos integrated.

Why Book Masterclass Series?

You recognise that your company has a knowledge gap on wellbeing culture - what it means, how to integrate and what to prioritise

You want to understand what is driving the shift in business priorities, consumer habits and recalibrated expectations

You’d like to know what technology will best support the wellbeing of your teams

You’re hungry for joined up thinking and insight into what the ’new normal’ future is going to look like

You want to know the facts, evidenced trends and shifts becoming more apparent in business policies and consumer life choices

You want insight on what other companies are doing and how prospective employees view the presence and absence of certain policies 

Lifestyle Assessment - your scientific route to health and performance potential

The Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment is a personalised scientific measurement based on Heart Rate Variability (HRV) that provides clinically accurate insight on stress, recovery and fitness. In the Well Intelligence spirit we are weaving personal insight and coaching through our product portfolio so that business intelligence aligning with personal growth and awareness is brought to life in meaningful and measurable ways.


Masterclass Sample Content

This six-week series provides a rich seam of joined-up intelligence that outlines how businesses, government, leadership, society, and individuals can find practical and focused routes to sustainable success. No matter what industry you are a part of, valuing and prioritising wellbeing as a fundamental weave through your brand, operations and delivery is as necessary as the air you breathe. That means more conscious leadership, reacting to new consumer priorities, it means awareness of employee expectations, social value as a given, technology collaborations for scale and efficiency, policies that reflect societal needs, and mental health as a primary focus.

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Who is it for?

Pro active leaders. You are invited to join a progressive, cross-industry gathering of change-makers and game-changers, all eager to drive the value of human wellbeing throughout business and society.


Duration & value

2hrs per week
12hrs over 6 weeks
1-2-1 consultation
Week to week support and guidance



Individual Place - £1,250
Corporate Group - £20,000
Bespoke Series - by arrangement
Prices exclude VAT at 20%

Next available dates for individual places:

 Please feel free to contact us for further information & discussion on how Masterclass will work for you or your company.

“An eye-opener, game changer and thought provoker, thank you for this outstanding series on wellbeing culture priority in business. It has been fascinating, extremely informative and incredibly powerful in helping me to understand the real world dynamics of today.”

Daniella Russell

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