Taster, Masterclass & Workshop Titles include:

  • FAST-TRACK HUMAN WELLBEING BASICS – developing a personal solution formula  that will improve feelings, function, productivity  and happiness.
  • SLEEP – WHY EVERYONE NEEDS IT - improving sleep quality and reaping the benefits. The evidence surrounding good sleep means its value can no longer be ignored – create your go-to sleep formula.
  • MENTAL HEALTH – how to improve and maintain good mental and emotional health, avoid burn out and support your own personal resilience
  • FOOD AS MEDICINE – nutrition plays a vital role in pro-active health, illness prevention and protective medicine. What we eat, when and how much, matter. Tighten your grip on simple, wholesome eating.
  • SPIRITUAL HEALTH - for improved mental and emotional wellbeing. Learn how  spiritual health can improve  overall holistic health, resilience  and a raised consciousness.
  • SUPPORT THERAPY – where to start? Establish insight and understand the efficacy behind different therapies - avoid confusion and focus in on what you need.
  • TURBO CHARGED WELLNESS – maybe you’re all good on the basics and what you need is to be guided to the next level – learn what optimal wellness practice can look like.
  • CONSCIOUS BUSINESS PRACTICE – end to end wellbeing practice in business, what does this mean and how do businesses transition toward this culture?
  • SOCIAL NETWORKS – loneliness is a growing theme across society. How to mitigate and support against this increasing social culture within the workplace and beyond.
  • WELLBEING INFLUENCE FUNNEL – understand the full scope of wellbeing influence, from macro to grass-roots: expected and related legislation that is bound to be passed over the coming months and years.

“ the single biggest threat to our own wellbeing tends to be ourselves”

Tom Rath


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Taster, Masterclass and Workshops begin from £395

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