Wellbeing Future Series

Impetus Hub

A global gathering of like-minds
where cerebral meets spiritual
and self-compassion is your default

Welcome, from the founder

Hello! If you’re reading this, you’re almost there.

I invite you to show up in a different way. I invite you to be open-minded to the potential of seeing things with new eyes and allowing yourself to think and feel from myriad perspectives of being, living and working.

My vision for this community is born from a desire to edify, inspire, grow and unify. I’ve noticed how valuable it has become to feel truly comfortable in my own skin, I can see that same recognition in others. To feel in alignment with who I am, what I do and the people I share time with is a constant work in progress.

The purpose of the Impetus Hub is to create a space where business, work, and personal growth can exist and flourish together, through the lens of human and planetary value. I’ve created a combination of business insight and intelligence with personal connection and exploration – where cerebral meets spiritual and self-compassion is your default. I want to see how this resonates with you first, before scaling into something larger. I’m deliberately making this debut a no-brainer. There will be a small charge to assure value and commitment, it is negligible in the scales of benefit.

Those of you who choose to join us now will be the Founding Fellows and as you’ll see, there are several advantages to that. I can’t wait to welcome you on May 10th and every Monday for 8 weeks, come with me, this will be fun, nurturing and transformative.

With love and inspiration,

The Impetus Hub Identity

The hub will combine a condensed framework of the Masterclass Wellbeing Series with personal growth and realignment. It will provide a space to vastly increase your insight on the most influential aspects of shift that are driving a wellbeing-led culture whilst becoming more connected with yourself. Your knowledge bank and individual wellbeing tool kit is about to grow exponentially!

A community hybrid that fuses business and living through the culture of wellbeing

A fast-track for insight, knowledge and personal growth

A first step toward participation in the Masterclass Series

An opportunity to learn, nourish and lead from inspirational vision

An opportunity to learn, nourish and lead from inspirational vision

A platform for change-makers from every generation to plug into and contribute to a new way of being

A re-imagined roadmap for evolving work and life values

A connected group of like minds, hungry to lead positive change

Community Structure

You’re in for a mental, emotional, and spiritual treat!

This gathering of like-minds will give you a players advantage on wellbeing relative insight, intelligence, and practical solution. You are invited to join a progressive, cross-industry gathering of game-changers, all eager to drive the value of human wellbeing and people-centric culture.

The hour will be crafted into two parts;

Business relative insights that will reflect some of the Masterclass Series contents and headlines as well as topical issues that warrant discussion.

Personal growth – provocative discussion, exploration, and food for thought (and practice) that will strengthen, calm, and bring you into presence.

We intend to offer the opportunity for questions and discussion that we imagine will spill over beyond the live hour of the hub. Further information, questions, and insights will be delivered through the WhatsApp group.


The Impetus Hub is an online, vibrant community of like minds seeking to play an instrumental part in the transformation of how we do things in daily work, life, and play. The world is in flux. Change is the only certainty.

Wellbeing is no longer a trend, it is a deepening culture that is being increasingly interwoven through business, government, society, and lifestyle. Personal consciousness, presence, and awareness is the new resilience and all of these aspects are interdependent facets of the whole. Silos no longer exist, integration, fusion, transparency, and cohesion are paving the way.

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Who is it for?

Pro-active leaders seeking a like-minded community for inspiration, joined-up knowledge, insight, compassion, and an opportunity to redefine your imprint on the world at this historic and revolutionary time



£95 one-off payment for 8 weeks
(the equivalent of £400 in value)


Duration & value

8 weeks, from May 10th - 0800 BST & 1800 BST
20% discount on Masterclass participation
Founding Fellows will receive complimentary pass
WhatsApp group participation

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