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Well-Come to IMPETUS!

You're reading this so you're almost there! The purpose of Impetus Hub is to create a space where business, work, and personal growth can exist and flourish together through the lens of human and planetary value. I've created a combination of business insight, wisdom and  knowledge with self-care and connection. It is a hub (and a tribe) where business intelligence aligns with personal growth. The opportunities are infinite.

I invite you to embrace the future in a different way. I invite you to be open-minded to the potential of a different work and business culture, a society and community where values are your anchor and personal clarity is a more familiar state of being. The changes and opportunities that lie ahead are enormous; allow yourself and your team to look with new eyes and let yourself think and feel from myriad perspectives of being, leading, living and working.

Join me and the Founding Fellows to engage and grow as our community broadens. This will be fun, nurturing and transformative. I can’t wait to welcome you!

With gratitude,

Anni Hood, Founder Well Intelligence

A community hybrid that fuses business and living through the culture of wellbeing

A fast-track for insight, knowledge and personal growth

An opportunity to learn, nourish and lead from inspirational vision

Infinite understanding, transformational, impetus to grow

A platform for change-makers from every generation to plug into and contribute to a new way of being

A re-imagined roadmap for evolving work and life values

A connected group of like minds, hungry to lead positive change

IMPETUS HUB - The Structure

You’re in for a mental, emotional, and connected treat!

This gathering of like-minds will give you a players advantage on wellbeing relative insight, intelligence, and practical solution. You are invited to join a progressive, cross-industry gathering of game-changers, all eager to drive the value of human wellbeing and people-centric culture. Impetus Hub was launched in May 2021 and has evolved to offer three key components; 1) monthly  online community chaired by founder, Anni Hood presenting on topical business insights and joined-up thinking relative to the health and wellbeing of people, society and planet 2) monthly one-pager headlines and take-aways on the most significant wellbeing, sustainability, health and societal topics 3) an active WhatsApp community where articles, research, prompts and relevant news is published week to week.

The conversation and published insights fall into two key areas;

Macro influence, business and human relative insights, joined up analysis, headlines, and topical issues for exploration and discussion.

Personal growth through sign posting, awareness and knowledge. Cultivating inner strength, managing stress and recovery.

We offer the opportunity for questions and discussion that spill over beyond the monthly live community. Further information, questions, and insights will be delivered through the WhatsApp Hub group.

The Context

The Impetus Hub combines online monthly online presentations with written headline insights and day to day sharing of articles, research and more. The hub plays an instrumental role in the transformation of how we practice daily work, life, and play. Wellbeing is no longer an option. It is a deepening culture that is being increasingly interwoven through business, government, society, and lifestyle. Personal consciousness, presence, and awareness is the new resilience and all of these aspects are interdependent facets of the whole. Silos no longer exist, integration, fusion, transparency, and cohesion are paving the way.

Why Book Impetus Hub?

You could do with some help to join the dots in the still evolving ’new normal’ -  consumer habits, business practice, brand values, retaining talent.

You’re thirsty for knowledge, insight and a deeper understanding of what wellbeing culture means - to you AND your workplace or business.

You want greater understanding for what conscious leadership looks and feels like  - whether that is for you or for leadership groups.

You’d like a platform that provokes and nurtures a greater connection within yourself in parallel with professional nourishment.

As a leader yourself, you know that changing habits and/or mindset and culture goes hand in hand with consistency and routine.

You’d like your week to always kick off on a positive  - personally as well as professionally! 

Samples of Monthly Content

How We Curate Our Content



All of our content is inspired and curated through real-time observations and events, delivered in an expedient style.  We don’t develop content and repeat it, rather, we bring you considered thought leadership and cross-industry insights gained from topical research, experience and gathered opinion from the experts in our network. Considered analysis is shared in the richness of discussion;  we join the dots amidst these rapid and often bewildering parallels of change. Don’t forget, this community also advocates personal growth, exploration and tools to stay well mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Subject for Discussion: Defining business priorities and the new cornerstones emerging from the pandemic

Q - What have the new foundation stones of business become?

Q - How do recalibrated priorities show up in societal, environment and humanity terms?

The gamut of evolution and influence is a universal wave of increasing awareness: a constant reminder that the wellbeing of people and the health of the planet are inseparable. Further to that, a growing realisation that we’re at the tipping point of a re-set that means old structures, old thinking and dispassionate transactional attitudes are fading in the evolution of consciousness, self-care and a more focused purpose.

Subject for Discussion: Why sleep needs to be higher on your wellbeing priority list 

Q - How does poor sleep impact your physical and brain health?

Q - What are the quickest and most effective lifestyle tweaks to increase good quality sleep?

Despite overwhelming scientific evidence that supports the value of sleep, it is still the time in the day that gets compromised most by other things deemed more important; a pressing work deadline, a gripping Netflix series or simply bad habits that have become the norm. This session will highlight the facts on what good quality sleep delivers and also, the impact of incrementally poor sleep patterns. If you want to know the science of what’s happening within you, we’ll talk about the technology that can help you with that too.

Subject for Discussion: Conscious leadership; what it means, why it matters, where to begin?

Q -Will you still attract talent if historically ‘old values’ remain part of your leadership identity?

Q - What are the financial successes, relative to conscious leadership?

Whether public or private sector, SMEs or multi-nationals, leadership calls for a greater sense of humanity – it begins with a greater sense of connection and compassion with yourself.  Following that awareness is a more conscious instinct for how business is practiced, how teams and supply chain are valued and what this means for profit and brand worth. There are many examples of exceptional conscious leadership, those ahead of their time and those breaking ground now.


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Corporate Subscription

Get your wellness budget working for your employees and for your business with a Corporate Subscription to the Impetus Hub. Arranged on a bespoke basis - connect via our enquiry form.




Annual Sub - £99
All prices exclude VAT


Duration & value

First Tuesday each month

 0800 BST - 90 mins

Monthly published insights and take-aways

WhatsApp group community

The hub combines a framework of facts with personal growth and realignment. 

Impetus Hub provides a space to vastly increase your insight on the most influential aspects of shift that are driving a wellbeing-led culture whilst becoming more connected with yourself. 

Your knowledge bank and individual wellbeing tool kit is about to grow exponentially!

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