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Welcome to Well Intelligence

Well Intelligence is a research, insights and education hub gathering wellbeing related market evidence that makes the case for business investment and human advantage.

Article analysis, weekly insight editions, podcasts, sponsored and commissioned research, workshops, business audits and tailored curation: give you an intelligence engine that propels knowledge, strategy and fast-track solution to get you your position to win in the race for better global wellbeing.


Making wellbeing work for business


A curated inside track on the wellbeing issues that matter most


Inspiration and evidence for smart planning and ‘ahead of the game’ wellbeing policy


Analysis of trends and provision of insights that save you time


Bridging the gap between strategy setting and successful execution


Practical tools to create plans and develop wellbeing products


Sage operator wisdom  - not theory but proven, practical solution


Your weekly wellness fix delivered straight to your Inbox

Wellbeing is now a mainstream requisite for every businesses and organisation – get ahead of the pack now to avoid being on the back foot in future.

Our research and insights content gives you a working pulse on what matters and what’s happening in the wellbeing arena. That means we’re pointing you toward what’s coming down the pipe: from policy and legislation to innovation and disruptive concepts.

  • Make informed decisions based on expert insights
  • Know your responsibilities within legislation and market expectation
  • Be at the cutting edge of wellbeing intelligence
  • Get key commercial insights delivered by experts in the field

Subscriber Fast Track

Registration also gives you access to the entire archive of articles, Well Intelligence editions and 1.0 Hospitality and Wellbeing Barometers –  this is an ever-expanding resource that will keep growing with podcasts, webinars, action tips and more.

Be a step ahead in making wellbeing work for your business, organisation and community.

Subscriber Curation

Cherry pick the content and advisory that serves you most – from workshops and deep dive research to wellbeing tech insight, wellbeing policy for business and financial returns.  How can a wellbeing centric culture benefit your business? How do you optimise productivity through wellbeing?

We will #futureproof your concept, business, strategy and mission to optimise wellbeing value from all perspectives.


Latest News

Workshop Series

We create bespoke workshops for organisations who want brand specific material and output that is crafted to solve their own particular needs.

The  workshop titles  include;

  • Wellness 101
  • Driving wellness tourism, fast-track formula
  • Workplace wellbeing - structure, measurement and programming
  • Wellness  in hospitality, commercial modelling, making the numbers work
  • The value of culture and leadership in authentic wellbeing delivery.

Workshops generally run 10am – 5pm and cost from £350 per head. If you're a subscriber to Well Intelligence Weekly you will receive a 50% discount to all workshop places.

Fees are inclusive of refreshments but not lunch.


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