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Well Intelligence is a research, insights and education hub gathering wellbeing related market evidence that makes the case for business investment and human advantage.

Article analysis, weekly insight editions, podcasts, sponsored and commissioned research, workshops, business audits and tailored curation: give you an intelligence engine that propels knowledge, strategy and fast-track solution to get you your position to win in the race for better global wellbeing.

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Wellbeing is now a mainstream requisite for every businesses and organisation – get ahead of the pack now to avoid being on the back foot in future.

Our research and insights content gives you a working pulse on what matters and what’s happening in the wellbeing arena. That means we’re pointing you toward what’s coming down the pipe: from policy and legislation to innovation and disruptive concepts.

Our Subscriber Fast-Track will give you an immediate plug-in to join the wellbeing dots and get you and your business on a turbo charged route to realising your 'wellbeing business fit' in an increasingly agile world.

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Sage operator wisdom  - not theory but proven, practical solution

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We will #futureproof your concept, business, strategy and mission to optimise wellbeing value from all perspectives. 

Well Intelligence Weekly

Workshop Series

Practical output sessions that build on our insights and research to offer on the job solution.

Our workshops complete the Wellness Intelligence platform of services by providing a forum for knowledge development,  discussion and practical application of insight.  Workshop deliverables are designed to support strategy, systems and concept modelling dependent on the workshop type.

We create bespoke workshops for organisations who want brand specific material and output that is crafted to solve their own particular needs.

The  workshop titles  include;

  • Wellness 101
  • Driving wellness tourism, fast-track formula
  • Workplace wellbeing - structure, measurement and programming
  • Wellness  in hospitality, commercial modelling, making the numbers work
  • The value of culture and leadership in authentic wellbeing delivery.

Workshops generally run 10am – 5pm and cost from £350 per head. If you're a subscriber to Well Intelligence Weekly you will receive a 50% discount to all workshop places.

Fees are inclusive of refreshments but not lunch.

WELLNESS 101 - May 3rd 2019

 There is a gap between the recognition of wellness being ‘everywhere’ and knowing where to  begin to make it a valuable part of business.

Can you relate to the difference between wellness and wellbeing? Do you know why wellness is booming? Can you identify the biggest wellbeing influencers? Do you know how to harness the trends to business advantage? Could you describe how and why wellness in the workplace matters?

If these questions sound familiar then the ‘Wellness 101’ workshop is for you.

Our Team


Steve Dunne


Steve is acclaimed as one of the travel and hospitality sector’s leading industry commentators and strategic marketing and PR thinkers. He has a unique experience of managing major marketing communications campaigns across many different sectors. Steve is also one of the UK’s most experienced crisis communications experts having worked on many high profile incidents including rail, aircraft and coach crashes, food poisoning out breaks, terrorist attacks and industrial action.

Uniquely, Steve has held senior management roles within the PR and marketing functions of both corporate and consultancy.


Anni Hood

Co-founder & CEO

Anni is the founder of her own international wellness business advisory firm and the visionary behind K.I.S Lifestyle – an online wellness community group spearheading equality of access to personalised health and wellbeing

She previously created the Talise Wellness brand for the Jumeirah Group, was the founding Chair of the Wellness Tourism Initiative for the Global Wellness Institute and is a board member for the International Health and Wellness Alliance.

Anni is a sought after international speaker and champions health and wellbeing as a unifying anchor between public and private sector initiatives.


Charles Dewey

Digital Brand Custodian

Charles has over 25 years’ experience in graphic design and web development. His primary focus with the team is to achieve enlightening and immersive communications for the Well Intelligence members.

With a background at major agencies in Bath and Bristol, such as Real Adventure, Inventive Minds (offshoot of the Michael Peters Group, London), BBM and Bath Marketing Consultancy his work has spanned many key sectors and companies.

He is an advocate of using his self development work in his communications being a Landmark Forum graduate and accessing NLP enrolment methodology.


Katrina Harris

Support Executive

Katrina has twelve years experience supporting executives, boards and entrepreneurs within corporate, charity and small business organisations including The Cancer Council and Accenture. Her background anchors in the wellness industry having previously managed Endota day spas in Australia along with experience as a qualified massage therapist.

This first hand industry knowledge means her ability to understand the challenges and opportunities that face clients and subscribers add depth and dimension to the services Well Intelligence provides.


Alex Garrett

Writer & Editor

Alexander Garrett is a writer and editor based near Bath in the UK who’s worked for many magazines over the years including BA’s Business Life, Management Today, Grand Designs, Coast and Conde Nast Traveller.

He had a seven year stint with The Observer, and has also edited publications for several corporate clients including WPP, Diageo and Kingfisher. He is well-versed in most business topics, especially marketing.


Ahad Surooprajally

Video Editor

Ahad has 20+ years experience in broadcast and PR sector. Currently directing and producing digital media for the corporate sector. Creating content for web and broadcast. 


Rupert Schmid

Biologique Recherche

Rupert contributes to and supports Well Intelligence. He is currently Chairman of Biologique Recherche, a French skin care company.

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