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Wellness  is not just the “next big thing” for brands wanting to market and sell to their customers.  This already fast growing market  is having significant impact on hospitality and travel sectors as well as the workplace.  It is pushing through all the usual expectations and benchmarks and redefining what customer and employee  experience feels  like. Wellness has become the must-have component for any business offering and is now a vital element of culture and commitment  for companies to offer to their employees.

Through  Well Intelligence  services, we provide practical tools for the translation of the wellness ‘boom’ into usable market strategy. Each week our diverse and vastly experienced network bring you concise analysis, insights and market predictions in a five minute read that will help you keep your finger on the pulse of an industry in a constant state of flux. We bring these insights to life through practical workshops and we will release our first market research report in October 2019.


We make wellbeing work for business


We offer Inside knowledge on the crucial wellbeing issues


We interpret the trends and provide insights that save you time


We bridge the gap between strategy setting and successful execution


We give you the tools to create plans and develop wellbeing products


We enable you to grow profitably within the market


We offer unique operator insight from working inside  the industry as well as on it

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Pick of the Week

With literally thousands of articles and news pieces being published on this vibrant sector every week it’s difficult to keep up with what’s important and what’s just interesting.

Our Pick of The Week highlights an article and associated commentary that we consider of particular note.

  1. Weekly delivery of notable global articles
  2. You’ll know at least one new wellbeing insight



Well Intelligence Weekly

If you are serious about your brand getting into, understanding and performing efficiently in the wellbeing sector then our Well Intelligence Weekly is vital for your business.

If you’re a sole trader or industry consultant we have options for you too – contact us


  1. Four weeks FREE TRIAL – 52 editons annually
  2. Three insights weekly – a five minute read
  3. Exclusive access to our expert team for ad hoc questions and help
  4. For less than the price of a coffee per person, per week (from £1.91)
  5. Prioritised and discounted workshop attendance

Annual Well Intelligence Research


This granular research is designed for marketing professionals who want to create a wellness strategy for their brand, commercial directors developing products in the sector, HR managers who need to understand how wellness is impacting the field of employment, and anyone who is serious about understanding what is driving the market today.

  1. Published annually – First edition Oct 2019
  2. Timed to coincide with the strategic planning cycle
  3. Evidenced data, case studies, business models
  4. Designed to provide practical solution

Well Intelligence Portfolio

We have compiled the core Well Intelligence products into an easy single purchase  along with five complimentary workshop places that together give you a one stop shop for insights, navigation and practical application for your business.

  1. Pick of the Week FREE
  2. Well Intelligence Weekly
  3. Annual Well Intelligence Research
  4. Five complimentary workshop places (London based)

Workshop Series

Practical output sessions that build on our insights and research to offer on the job solution.

Our workshops complete the Wellness Intelligence platform of services by providing a forum for knowledge development,  discussion and practical application of insight.  Workshop deliverables are designed to support strategy, systems and concept modelling dependent on the workshop type.

We create bespoke workshops for organisations who want brand specific material and output that is crafted to solve their own particular needs.

The  workshop titles  include;

  • Wellness 101
  • Driving wellness tourism, fast-track formula
  • Workplace wellbeing - structure, measurement and programming
  • Wellness  in hospitality, commercial modelling, making the numbers work
  • The value of culture and leadership in authentic wellbeing delivery.

Workshops generally run 10am – 5pm and cost from £350 per head. If you're a subscriber to Well Intelligence Weekly you will receive a 50% discount to all workshop places.

Fees are inclusive of refreshments but not lunch.

WELLNESS 101 - March 21st 2018

 There is a gap between the recognition of wellness being ‘everywhere’ and knowing where to  begin to make it a valuable part of business.

Can you relate to the difference between wellness and wellbeing? Do you know why wellness is booming? Can you identify the biggest wellbeing influencers? Do you know how to harness the trends to business advantage? Could you describe how and why wellness in the workplace matters?

If these questions sound familiar then the ‘Wellness 101’ workshop is for you.



We see a gap between the acknowledgment of wellness being ‘everywhere’ and knowing where to even begin.Read More

News & Views


Anni Hood

Co-founder & CEO 

Anni is the founder of her own international wellness business advisory firm and the visionary behind K.I.S Lifestyle – an online wellness community group spearheading equality of access to personalised health and wellbeing

She previously created the Talise Wellness brand for the Jumeirah Group, was the founding Chair of the Wellness Tourism Initiative for the Global Wellness Institute and is a board member for the International Health and Wellness Alliance.

Anni is a sought after international speaker and champions health and wellbeing as a unifying anchor between public and private sector initiatives.


Thierry Malleret

Co-founder & Director

Thierry is the co-founder and main author of the monthly Barometer, a succinct predictive analysis exclusively provided to private investors and some of today’s most influential opinion and decision makers

He previously founded and headed the Global Risk Network at the World Economic Forum and for many years was in charge of the program of Davos.

Thierry has written several business and academic books, and has published four novels (two of which under a pen-name). In addition, he is a public speaker with some of the world’s leading agencies. He also sits on several advisory boards.


Steve Dunne



Steve is acclaimed as one of the travel and hospitality sector’s leading industry commentators and strategic marketing and PR thinkers. He has a unique experience of managing major marketing communications campaigns across many different sectors. Steve is also one of the UK’s most experienced crisis communications experts having worked on many high profile incidents including rail, aircraft and coach crashes, food poisoning out breaks, terrorist attacks and industrial action.

Uniquely, Steve has held senior management roles within the PR and marketing functions of both corporate and consultancy.


Rupert Schmid

Biologique Recherche

Rupert contributes to and supports Well Intelligence. He is currently Chairman of Biologique Recherche, a French skin care company.

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