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Well Intelligence is a research, insights and development consultancy that holds human and planetary wellbeing at it’s core. Market evidence supports the reality of social change taking place.  A shift  was already in process before the pandemic began but has since been the accelerator for prioritising the  wellbeing of people, business and the environment.

Well Intelligence provides analysis and insight, broadcasts, sponsored and commissioned research, workshops, coaching, business audits and tailored curation of services.  As a client of Well Intelligence, we provide you with an engine of woven expertise and knowledge that propels strategy and fast-track solutions to be able to respond  to the needs of customers, employees and not least, to take better care of your own mental, physical and emotional health.

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Anni Hood - Founder


A world where the value of human and planetary wellbeing is embraced  and optimised by every individual , organisation and policy maker.


To turbocharge the culture of ‘people first’ wellbeing. To drive an inclusive ethos for personal responsibility, business philosophy and national policy that will transform lives.


To provide leaders, management, shareholders and individuals with the insight and expertise to grasp and unleash the potential of a rapidly changing world.

Wellbeing Impetus


The purpose of the Impetus Hub is to provide a space for conversation and insight that joins the dots on the issues of the day, relative to the wellbeing and sustainability of ourselves and our planet. It is a vibrant community, drawn together under the leadership of host, Anni Hood: “With so many factors to assimilate at once, Impetus Hub is a community for research based discussion both professionally and for whole person health –  it is a tribe where business intelligence is as important as personal growth”

corporate core by Well Intelligence


Corporate Core by Well Intelligence is our exclusive corporate client platform. We offer a range of services from plug and play to completely bespoke content specific to your business and industry. No matter where you are in your product cycle, business evolution or transformation, it is likely you’re thinking carefully about how to build on the still precarious foundations of recovery and move forward sustainably as a brand and a business.

Masterclass in Wellbeing for Business Leaders


Join this six week workshop series offering insight, wisdom and joined up thinking that will equip participants to recalibrate and potentially transform their contribution to the world. This means more conscious leadership, reacting to new consumer priorities, it means awareness of employee expectations, social value as a given, technology collaborations for scale and efficiency, policies that reflect societal needs and mental health as a primary focus.

Next available start: September 2021.



Walk the Talk is rooted in the transformation of business culture and personal lifestyle choices.  It recognises and responds to the reality that the more invested and conscious we are in our own wellbeing, the greater our understanding and motivation to create  inclusive wellbeing culture that embodies how we work, live, love and rest.


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